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Ready, set, go! Ups! – On the way from Turkey to Argentina

One thing we have learned early on is that when you start planning for a long trip, some things have to go wrong. I have missed to mention in my earlier post about Bursa, is that it is also well-known... Continue Reading →


Softa Kalesi (Castle) and Toslaklar Koyu (Bay)

While we were on our way from Anamur to Aydıncık on the way to Aynalı Göl Mağarası (Aynalı Göl Cave), we have passed by a medieval castle that is up the hill looking over to the Mediterranean and bays around this... Continue Reading →

Gilindire – Aynalı Göl Cave (Mağarası)

As we were spending some time with Murat's grandma, Yaşar, and mom, Pervin, in Anamur, we have decided to make a short trip to a nearby cave. Apparently it has recently been opened to public. Murat's mom, has heard great... Continue Reading →

Anamur – My Childhood Vacations

In Turkish – Türkçesi için Anamur is located between Alanya and Mersin and it is the southernmost point between these cities by the Mediterranean. This little town has a very special place in my life as I have been coming... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home – Bursa

In Turkish - Türkçesi için: We have been living and travelling at different parts of the world, but there is nothing like coming back home... When our car enters our garden, and I open the door, and a slow breeze... Continue Reading →

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