We have spent 5 amazing days camping in Parque Nacionale Torres del Paine without phone connection, without internet, but with stunning views of glaciers, lakes, rivers, streams, flowers, trees, foxes, birds, llamas, and mountains of course. It was a lifetime experience that we will never forget. Since we didn’t have any connection, and since we didn’t want to carry it, we didn’t bring our laptop with us. So below you will find the handwritten notes that we took during our trip. We might type them in at some point in life, but no promises :)

Day 1 – 14 Nov

Day 1 – Page 1
Day 1 Page 2
Day 1 Page 3 / Day 2 Page 1
Hands up! The banana cowboy is in town!

On the catamaran on Lago Pheoé
Our first tent!!!
We touched some ice from the glacier!!!

Day 2 – 15 Nov

Day 2 Page 2
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Some snow left over on our jackets from the storm of the day
Foxes paid a visit to our camp site
Phoé Lake after we left our bags at the tent.
Phoé Lake

Day 3 – 16 Nov

Day 3 Page 2

Day 3 Page 3 / Day 4 Page 1
Hiking towards Frances Valley

On our way to Frances Valley
More than enough for the two of us =)
Looking up the Frances Valley

Panorama Frances Valley

Nordenskjöld Lake
Enjoying the end of the day at Nordenskjöld Lake

Day 4 – 17 Nov

Day 4 Page 2
Day 4 Page 3 / Day 5 Page 1

M hiking
B hiking
Getting to the Valley and our refugio

Day 5

Day 5 Page 2
Day 5 Page 3
The lake and the Torres, all three of them!!!

Our walking companions


Torres Del Paine Trail Map

We did not prepare specifically for this hike. And B didn’t do that much sports in her life. And we did not know how demanding the trails were. Just to give you an idea, there will be days that you will walk 7-8 hours. However, this is not a leisure walk in the forest. There will be climbs, jumps (some part of the terrain gets really muddy depending on the weather), duckings etc. So, the way we dealt with all this was basically keep a very slow pace. We have seen many other people carrying more than us and moving much faster. But, we did not rush as we weren’t able to do so. In this way, we were able to enjoy instead of suffering in the park =). Also, we were aware that we have spent way too much money for the meals in the park. On average we paid around 30-40 USD per day per person for the food. And the camping space was only for 10 USD for two people. But, all that great food kept us going. And there is a phycological motivation which comes with a hot meal, trust us. So, maybe next time we can carry more and cook our own food as we have seen a lot of people doing it. There are good facilities in all refugios for campers who want to cook their food. Another, quick advice we can give is consider having hiking poles. Or at least some wooden stick to support your weight. After couple of days, the trail will take a toll on your knees for sure. Finally, make sure that you have proper equipment! This is one of the most important things. Make sure that you have water proof (not resistant) jacket and shoes. We did not need rain pants but depending on the time of year, you might even need that. Our jacket also provided great protection from the wind which is also a life saver because you will be hit by very strong winds time to time. Don’t worry about the weather, it is completely random and unpredictable so you will always get some sunshine after some snow storms =) Ok, enough technicalities: At the end of the five days, we really did not want to leave the park. Make sure that you take your time with hikes, observe the nature and enjoy! May the gods of Patagonia be with you!