Us, just before leaving home.

One thing we have learned early on is that when you start planning for a long trip, some things have to go wrong. I have missed to mention in my earlier post about Bursa, is that it is also well-known for its strong winds, we call it Lodos, and they always bring rain with them. When you’re a kid, you enjoy the off days from school because of these strong winds.

Well, initially, we had planned to go to İstanbul from Bursa, by the ferry-bus from the sea. It is much more convenient, especially if you’re going to the Atatürk Airport. So by now you can guess that the ferry-busses started to get cancelled in the morning, and ours was scheduled for 14:30. The weather forecast was showing that the winds would only get stronger, so change of plans… From day 0!

We went to the bus terminal and took an early bus to İstanbul instead. So we had to leave at 11:05, and the road takes longer, about 4 hours, instead of 1 hour 45 minutes =/

The hardest part of starting a trip is saying goodbyes, especially knowing that we will be settling in the US at the end and won’t see our families for another year. We’re excited for the new beginnings, but I always hate saying the goodbye and giving those strong hugs, using all my strength to feel the other person for that short few seconds. Maybe that’s why we were a bit quiet at the beginning.

But at the airport, we were again excited and started doing last checks about Buenos Aires. By luck, we also met our friends Utku and Deniz, who were also taking off, for their honeymoon (congrats guys!), so we had company and were not bored, because now we had arrived earlier than we had initially planned.

Our flight for took off from İstanbul at 19:35 and landed in Paris (CDG) at 21:15. Flying to Paris was nostalgic, as we had just moved after living about 2 years there. It was weird not to take the RER B to Cité Universitaire :) The connection was smooth and we took off from Paris at 23:20 and landed in Buenos Aires (EZE) around 9:00 the next day.

At the beginning of the flight, we have started chatting with the girl sitting next to us, who has turned out to be a local. She gave us a lot of useful information about the city and good tips for food, milonga venues, etc… It was very welcoming :)

During the last part of the flight, I must mention that I woke up to a scarlet sunrise. Soon enough the scarlet of the sky was gone with the wind, and we started to see the reflection of the sun from the long rivers of Brazil. It is so exciting to think that all these rivers that we were seeing on the southern part of Brazil would drop into the Iguazu Falls, which we aim to see at some point…

The flights were smooth, and the border check was also smooth. Then we couldn’t find our bags in the counter that they were supposed to be on, so it is worth to check other counters ;) After considering that the bus options (180 pesos) would take too long to get to the center, and comparing the taxi prices (~550 pesos), we have decided to try Uber. It has cost us 250 pesos, and our driver was very nice. He gave us a map of the city and marked the neighbourhoods that he has recommended. Exploring the city will be in our next post…