Softa Castle (top) and Toslaklar Bay (bottom)

While we were on our way from Anamur to Aydıncık on the way to Aynalı Göl Mağarası (Aynalı Göl Cave), we have passed by a medieval castle that is up the hill looking over to the Mediterranean and bays around this region. So on our way back to the motel, we couldn’t help ourselves, and we have decided to explore this castle.

Murat (left) and his mom Pervin (right) exploring the castle.

There is a small pathway from the road that you can go by car, but it only goes a few meters and we were stuck by the end of the village there. There was no trail up to the castle in sight, so we asked some villager passing by if it is possible to go up to the castle. He has challenged us that he can climb up there in 10 minutes and we have decided to take that challenge. It took us instead about half an hour to climb there, and we found some sort of trail on the way up, but we needed to even do some mild rock climbing :)

View of the Mediterranean from Softa castle.

The castle is quite impressive; has a beautiful view of the sea, since it’s at the top of the hill; it has really thick walls; and it is possible to see some house formations inside. However, it is completely abandoned, and requires a lot of restoration. We have concluded that it was worth the climb.

View of Mediterranean from Softa Castle.

The way down was much harder for us, since we couldn’t figure out where the trail we took on the way up was. Since we were with flip flops, it was even harder. A word of advice: don’t climb with flip flops :) After some more minor injuries we have managed to get down and catch the sunset on our way down with perfect timing! In the meantime, we have discovered that Murat’s mom was a goat in her previous life :P

Sunset at the bottom of the hill from Softa Castle.

Then we have made our way to Toslaklar Koyu (Toslaklar Bay), which is almost just across the castle. We initially hoped to swim in this bay, but we were already tired and late for dinner, so we ended up just having a cup of çay (tea :)

Murat (left) and his mom Pervin (right) on the beach in Toslaklar Bay.

How to get there

For all this, we think you need a car. The road does not go all the way up to Softa Castle, and we have started the trail climbing up pointing at the map below. You would need shoes, any type of shoe is fine, to climb up. Not flip flops! :) And you might want to wear tracking pants if you want to avoid being scratched by the thorns.