Gilindire – Aynalı Göl Cave

As we were spending some time with Murat’s grandma, Yaşar, and mom, Pervin, in Anamur, we have decided to make a short trip to a nearby cave. Apparently it has recently been opened to public. Murat’s mom, has heard great things about the cave from her customers at their motel.

Aynalı Göl Cave has been discovered in 1999 by a shepherd following his runaway goat. It used to be accessible only by the sea, but the road has been opened since 2014. It is 555 m long, 46 m deep.

How to get there

On the way to Gilindire – Aynalı Göl Cave

Well, we tried to see if there is any public transport but we are more or less sure that there is no direct transportation to this place. We definitely recommend to rent a car to come this place. Honestly, there are so many great view points on D-400 (the main highway passing along the Mediterranean in southern Turkey up to Gaziantep). You can see one of those view points where you can see some of the amazing bays.

What to see

Aynalı Göl Mağarası, Aydıncık, Mersin

You should be ready to climb a lot of stairs down to the cave. This might not be easy if you have any knee problems. However, there are a lot platforms in the cave and you do not need any special gear for this cave.

There are a lot of stalactite and stalagmites in the cave. It is well-lit inside and is possible to observe these interesting formations. For Betül, this was my first cave experience, and I found it quite breathtaking.

At the end of the cave there is a small lake with a great reflection which mirrors the ceiling. That is why locals called this cave Aynalı Göl which means mirror lake.

Outside, there is a small cafeteria that serves tea (çay, we will teach you this word if you come to Turkey:)  and other snacks and refreshments.

Gilindire – Aynalı Göl Mağarası, Aydıncık, Mersin