We are planning to do a decent amount of hiking for our South America trip, so we have decided to renew our equipment for the trip. Here we’re putting links to the equipment we have bought, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have bought these things from this specific website. Do an extensive search from different websites before you decide to buy certain things. The advantage of this specific website is the discounts for its members, especially on certain days, its annual dividend program, and great 1 year return policy.

We also put the price we have paid for each item, as of September 2016. Betul has bought her trekking shoes and sandals in Paris, so these two are given in euros, and Murat bought the rest for both of us in the US. We have also bought a few other small items before we hit the road in Turkey. And Betül already had a big backpack.

Here is a table with the items, links to the items, and the prices we have paid for each.

Murat Price (USD)
Trekking shoe (Black/Autobahn/Pewter) 108.02
Sandals (Navy/Gray) 87.25
Socks (gray/black and tan/orange) 14.19
Socks (khaki and gray) 12.95
Rain jacket (arctic navy) 139.99
Trekking pant 44.99
Trekking pant (gravel) 59.99
Sleeping bag liner (blue) 20.90
Towel XL + M (blue) 19.76
Main backpack (ash gray) 135.00
Day Backpack (black) 48.75
Neck wallet (black) 17.5
Packing sets (white) 37.07
Neck cooler (Tonga Navy) 11.00
Water bottle (cobalt) 29.95
GoPro Camera + Accessories 550
Fast drying shorts (Navy Blue/Best Fronds) 49.93
T-shirt 18.93
Travel Adapter 14
Silicone bottle kit 24.95
Insect Repellent (pack 2) 15.00
Camping multi tool 23.50
Waterproof Hat 44.00

Betül Price (USD)
Rain jacket (Dark Raspberry) 139.99
Trekking pant (Black) 62.30
Trekking pant 62.30
Sleeping bag liner 19.70
Fleece jacket (Vin Rouge) 37.79
Towel XL + L (Silver Gray) 15.80
Day Back pack (Real Red) 48.75
Neck wallet (Black) 17.5
Packing sets (Blue) 33.72
Neck cooler (tonga robin) 11.00
Water bottle (Mango) 29.95
Trekking shoe 84 EUR
Sandals 89 EUR
Travel Adapter 14
Backpack raincover 8.99
Silicone bottle kit 24.95
Headband 21.20

We also should leave some comments here on how much we used, or liked certain items, and give some suggestions especially if we had certain good or bad experience with these items. Let’s leave this note as a promise for the future… ;)